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"Raj has a great eye for detail and he made sure that every part of the project was exactly what I wanted before moving forwards. Patient, professional and all round a pleasure to work with."



I'm a filmmaker living and working in doncaster


Want to know more?  contact me if you'd like to talk about an idea.


During the early pandemic-hit months of 2021, award-winning playwright Garry Lyons set about researching and writing a stage play to mark the demolition of its iconic cooling towers.

A short film exploring life in Edlington Doncaster in 2019.  Commissioned by Doncaster Talks to explore what people love about where they live, what needs imporving and what Doncaster should focus on for the furutre. 

These five interviews highlight the small steps taken by individuals to change their life for a healthier alternative.

A short film shot in Doncaster, looking at the troubled journey of a Sikh family from Afghanistan to the UK, and the welcome they received when they arrived.

Take a look behind the scenes at Cast during the production of a great community based play, The Magic of Wild Heather.

This awards ceremony celebrated the achievement of young people in Doncaster in 2019.

This was produced with young Kurdish immigrants in Sheffield, focused around the idea of identity.


Kids across Doncaster were awarded for their great efforts to travel to school on foot, bike and scooter.

This is a short powerful video looking at the Tory governments strategy and its links to fascist theory.

Making Languages Count was a short film commissioned by HoLA, a Languages Sheffield project looking into the importance of community schools in Sheffield.  

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