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I have worked in education for nearly 10 years now, always finding ways to engage learners in a variety of ways.  I have found film analysis and moving image production to be a great way to engage young people within an education setting.


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Temple Learning Academy

Through SHINE funding, I was asked to deliver filmmaking workshops alongside the curriculum, and with teachers, to boost the attainment of Year 7's in the school.

The Spaces Project

This was a project commissioned by The Tetley in conjunction with primary and secondary schools across Leeds. I worked with two groups of Y8s and 4 groups of Y5s producing short films and animations focused on the current use of library spaces and what they could become in the future.

Harworth & Bircotes 1st WW Documentary

Commissioned by the town council, I worked with a Y8 group to produce a short documentary film about their town during the 1st World War.  The class was split into researchers, musicians, filmmakers and poets.  The finished film was then screened at the veterans ball.

Special Measures

I worked closely for over a year with this school to improve the pupil’s engagement within the curriculum.

Y3 – Based on their study of countries, the year group learnt how to edit photos together with music using Windows Live Movie Maker.

Y4 – The year group worked on delivering an Indian Café, they made snacks and delivered an Indian Café for the day to their parents.  They produced radio adverts and collected money for charity.

Y5 – The group spent the term learning about the Tudors.  They then developed a film which would see a fictionalised setting where Henry VIII was put on trial to answer for his actions.

Y6 – After their SATS, the group were given the opportunity to reflect on their time at the school.  After learning about how silent movies communicated ideas, each pupil produced a short silent film script, a selection were then picked, and the pupils produced short films based on their ideas.

Zombie Apocalypse

As an engagement project a section of excluded learners were taken through the process of creating a fictional Zombie outbreak and producing a WordPress website containing a survival guide.


Languages Film Summer School

Every year for the past ten years, secondary school pupils attend Sheffield Hallam University to spend three days to produce a film in a foreign language.  I take the learners through the full production process, from conception to final edit.  They then get together with their parents for a red carpet film premier, where the audience and a panel of judges hand out awards for the best films.

Film Poetry Workshop

Languages Sheffield accessed three community groups in Sheffield, I took age 7 to 13 year learners through a poetry workshop, each group produced poems which were then handed to over 16’s to produce a short film.  They were all then later screened bringing all the communities together for a celebration event.

The Brand Challenge

I worked for PET-Xi and with learners in schools throughout the UK to produce their dream product along with a brand design.  The aim being to secure funding in a Dragon's Den style pitch.  The learners produced adverts for those products especially for the presentation.

Gothic Imaginations

I worked with the University of Sheffield across a number of school to deliver a workshop on the production of a Gothic short story.  Using story boards the learners produced short adverts for their ideas.

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