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My family knew from the beginning that my mind worked a little differently to others, they always supported my creative talents, from buying me my very own guitar on my 3rd birthday, to encouraging me to follow my freelance ventures.

I created short films, produced music and developed stories that would entertain those around me.

Nothing could stop me from wanting to learn more.


I studied Film Production at Sheffield Hallam University and my eyes opened to a world of possibilities.  I knew I had developed a talent for expressing ideas visually in ways that others hadn't seen before.

I went on to work in a theater which gave me the confidence and desire to get into freelance teaching of Moving Image Production. I had a passion for exploring the world of film, taking the learners through the history of cinema and understanding how to emotionally engage audiences by using film language.


I work as a freelancer, my role is varied and includes producing short films for customers, filming live and special events and working with schools and customers to provide engaging film workshops for pupils.  

No matter what idea someone may have, I always relish the opportunity of bringing their vision to life.

I have all my own production and post production equipment

and i'm always ready to chat.

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