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I have produced a wide range of videos over the years.

Below are just some of the examples of the types of videos I could produce for you.

A short film shot in Doncaster, looking at the troubled journey of a Sikh family from Afghanistan to the UK, and the welcome they received when they arrived.



This short charity advert highlights the gap between major corporate investment and the poverty in Doncaster.

This motion graphics video introduces customers to the companies services.

Voice over from actor: Tom Rose

This is a short online advert for international customers to get a glimpse of a Sheffield city center property.

This is a trailer for a series of videos used for the companies delivery of English in schools.

This was produced with young Kurdish immigrants in Sheffield, focused around the idea of identity.

This short advert offers  customers a quick introduction to the  barbers chain of shops.

This short animation was part of a workshop for young people admitted to Sheffield's Children's Hospital.

Making Languages Count was a short film commissioned by HoLA, a Languages Sheffield project looking into the importance of community schools in Sheffield.  

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